We are representing the largest and most efficient beechwood sawmills. A valuable product is defined by its price and quality which we combine to its best and thus, we are the #1 option in price and value when it comes to German Beechwood. Our original super quality meets all the needs of joinery for its high quality furniture, door frames and decorations.


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Muhammad Junaid Arshad

Product Manager Beechwood

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Quality strictly graded according to NHLA grading rules, suitable for frames.
Super FAS / FAS 1F meets the minimum requirement of FAS1F and better.

Light steamed and kiln dried with latest technology. Steaming is done smoothly and light to secure similar color and the light pink famous beechwood color. The moister is strictly controlled between 9-12%

Our Original Super grading is available in wide width selection, 8” and wider or even 10” and wider as per customer demand. With our standard length 7.3ft/8.2ft and 10ft

Our standard width selection is 6” and wider to a maximum width of 17” mixed. Width our standard length 7.3ft/8.2ft and 10ft

Also we offer a fixed width variant of 6” and 7” only. With our standard length 7.3ft/8.2ft and 10ft

We offer a wide variety of Lower grade such as our approved BeechB. Please call us for more details